Thursday, November 18, 2010

Typecast: Another year, another journal


  1. I've kept a journal since about 3 years before you were born, but almost never look at those early jottings. I guess I should!

    < geek >What machine did you type this on? This must be the most horizontal typeface I've ever seen.< /geek >

  2. yes, that typeface looks might compressed!

  3. Well, I like reading journals from when I was 12 because I was in such a completely different space then, with such petty concerns... poignant, really.

    Oh dear, I must not have sized this down correctly. Forgive me, I tend to be rather careless with the ratios... this was typed on my Princess 300. I hope you clicked on it to get the full un-manipulated image, because it is a far more accurate representation of the typeface than my poor attempts to make it fit in the frame of the blog! You'll see that it is a quite ordinary pica...

  4. Even with proper proportions it is an out-of-the-ordinary type design, I'd say.

    There seems to have been an efflorescence of typefaces on typewriters in the mid to late '50s.


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