Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Week 1, 2011: Typewriter spotting round-up

Alpina with Swiss-French keyboard

Handsome brown case and cleaning brush

Hermes Media 3 with German keyboard

The Media 3 had a "deluxe" case (the latch to open it is in the form of a button located on top of the case, and it has a green Bakelite handle).

Scheidegger International (in reality a relabeled Triumph/Adler Gabriele, without a case)

 Good news: in the ten minutes that I spent oohing and aahing over the Alpina, a fellow came by and bought the Hermes standard, which was sold to him for the equivalent of twenty bucks. 

This is the first time I have seen someone (besides myself) expressing any interest in (let alone buying!) a thrift store/ flea market manual typewriter. He did not try it out, so I can only assume he wanted it as a decorative item. Still, it's something. So, counting the discovery of the Alpina, that is two typewriter-related firsts in one day. 2011 is starting off very nicely indeed.

(While the tile of this post indicates that I hope to have a "typewriter spotting round-up" every week, that may not always happen. At least once a month would be nice, though.)

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  1. Ah, you also discovered the migthy Alpina! I took it home for you (not from Carouge, but from ebay), and was I not pleasantly surprised... excellent typing in a neat, crisp elite style. The Alpina didn't strike me as very attractive, but reveals its qualities once you get to know her...


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